Luciano Candal is a:



Every now and then I make a 3D model, some artwork or a website that I like (enough) to upload to my portfolio.

Here are the last 7 additions inside a slideshow kinda thing, you can click them if you want to.
(they get angry if you dont):

Check out all my work by going into my portfolio:



I have a blog too where I upload just regular updates to ongoing proyects. It's just an alternative to twitter in case it stops existing or something.

I still upload most of these to twitter anyways though.

All my blog entries are avalable here:



You can follow my work at Twitter where I share memes interesting stuff. I also have an Instagram account where I upload pictures and videos of food, memes, animals... my lastest artistic proyects.

I also have my portfolio displayed at ArtStation and some 3D Models in Sketchfab. And there is also my LikedIn page, which I need for some reason I can never remember.

And of course I have a Reddit where I upload memes (I ran out of striked text for that one) and a YouTube channel, do NOT go there.

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