Luciano Candal


21 years old




Galician (Spanish), Europe


  • Spanish (native)
  • Galician (native)
  • English (C1/C2, waiting for the test)


  • Persistent, never gives up.
  • Perfectionist.
  • Adapts to new situations.
  • Workaholic.
  • A bit eccentric.


I was born in a small town in Ourense, Spain, called Villamartin of Valdeorras. And since I was very young I've been fascinated with computers.

When I was 9 years old my computer teacher always motivated me to learn about computers and he would lend us great computer game classics like PANZERS to play at home. I spent the whole weekends playing counter-strike, simcity and pokemon.

In highschool I studied the Science and Technology bachelor's degree because I wanted to study computer science so that I could make videogames for a living.

After I graduated, I found out there was a college in Madrid with a degree in Videogame Development, and I am about to start 4th year.


Secondary Education

Pablo VI - Fátima. A Rua, Spain

17/9/10 – 21/6/14


Bachelor's degree in Science and Technology

Pablo VI - Fátima. A Rua, Spain

17/9/14 – 21/6/16


HND in Creative Media Production - Computer Game Animation

ESNE Asturias, Spain

15/9/16 – 5/7/19


Computing and Videogame Engineering - Camilo José Cela

ESNE Asturias, Spain

15/9/16 – 5/7/19






Deep understanding and usage of the language. It's my main language for coding.



Currently mastering C++ for game and software development.



I am triying to jump from C# to Java so that I can develop easily on mobile.



I don't like coding in Python because it's very slow but it has very good libraries.



It's crucial in web development, and despite a lot of people hating it I find it better than Python.



I know all the semantics and uses for each tag, as well as their attributes.



Mandatory if you want a nice looking and responsive webpage like this one.



Everyone hates PHP. I know the basics of it only so that I can access databases.



I sometimes struggle remembering the sintax but I can work it out.



I started using Git at college with Bitbuket and GitHub. I used a GUI most of the time to execute the Git commands so I am still figuring the arguments out.




I studied 3D modeling in college using 3D studio Max and Zbrush. I also know 3D animation, rigging, unwrapping and texturizing with Substance Painter using PBR materials. You can check out my work at Artstation or Sketchfab.



Been using photoshop for a lot of time, not sure if there is anything more I can learn about it.



I use illustrator for UI design, logos and anything I can in web design.



Premiere is great for putting together videos, adjusting audio and correcting color values. It's not as advanced as After Effects but it has all I really need to get anything done.



There are better alternatives for animating vectors, but this is the only one I know if you don't count 3D studio Max.

Reaper Audio


While I studied Video Game Development I learnt how to use reaper for composing, mixing, cleaning, looping, adding effects and improve the quality of audio samples.


Visual Studio / VSCode


I switched from Visual Studio to Visual Code so that I could experiment with more languages. I still use Visual Studio to make Win32 GUI applications and for Unity development.



Unity is my favorite platform for developing videogames and software. I started using it at college while I studied videogame development and It's been 3 years sice then.

Unreal Engine


I am triying to improve my knowledge of the C++ language so that I can start coding in Unreal and stop using blueprints all the time. Before that I used Unreal for building sceneries and environments. Your can go to my Artstation if you want to check them out!




I've been using Windows since I was 6 years old. I started with Windows XP, then Windows 7, and I bought Windows 10 back in 2015. And because I love retro stuff I tried Windows 95 and 2000 for a few months and I still use DOS for writing Word documents (somebody shoud make a remake of that, the blue background and retro fonts are fantastic).



I went to an Apple Summer Camp to learn how to code in a Mac, this was my first attempt at learning how to code. But the hole coding thing got canceled and I spent 4 weeks learning how to use a Mac.... Does this section actually require a progressbar? I mean, if I learned anything is that anybody can use a Mac. I don't like how restrictive it is for most things though.



I like to use Linux distros for remote SSH, XRDP, FTP and HTTP servers. I use Linux from the command line all the time except when I have to write code because ... well ... Vim. My favorite distro is Debian but I have also used Ubuntu and Manjaro. I also enjoy using Linux just to make tiny CLI tools that interact between them using pipes.


Awarded for the highest marks of the year (6 consecutive years)

Pablo VI - Fátima. A Rua, Spain

2010 – 2016

Work feactured at Villamartin's painting expo

Villamartin's Via Nova, Cultural center.


Finalist of the chessclub championship

Pablo VI - Fátima. A Rua, Spain




I've been connected to the internet since I was 7 in my old father's PC. It wasn't until I was 13 years old that I built my very first own computer, and since then I've been adding and removing components to keep it up to date. Because of that I have learnt a lot about the subject and my family and friends often ask me for help when they need to get a new computer built.

I also find retro software and hardware very interesting because of how it shaped the evolution of computers. This is one of the reasons why I love to learn about old tech. There is something magical about the times when computers were simpler that I can't help but to find fascinating.

There was one summer when I spent two weeks learning how to code in 80's BASIC because of just how cool it seemed to use a computer where all you have is a blue background and a version of BASIC.


I've been painting since I was very young. Mi mother used to take me to oil painting classes, and I went there for about 6 years. Because of this I can't distinguish the smell of turpentine from anything else anymore.

Ironically I am a bit colorblind, but this never stopped me from continuing painting. Once I almost painted a green dog, luckily the teacher always helped me out when choosing colors.

Right now I prefeer digital over traditional, so I have it way easier for making anything. Specially with tools like photoshop and illustrator around. In fact photobashing and mattepainting are one of my top favourite techniques at the moment.


Can't forget to mention those.

I remember when I played with my old sister's NES, and when I got my first GameBoy, however the moment when I became really into videogames was when I got my first Pokemon game, until then videogames were just another thing to play with.

But once I got mi hands on Pokemon, I couldn't stop playing. It showed me just how big and how much a videogame could deliver. I made a lot of friends at school that also loved videogames. And thanks to that I became the person that I am today.

It was around june of 2010 that my friends and I went out to celebrate that we finished 6th grade. That night we talked about just how cool would It be to make videogames. At that moment I was tired of not being able to decide what I wanted to do, so that night I decided that I would do my best to become a videogame developer. Besides, How hard can it be anyways?